This is a sample page. It differs from posts in that it always stays in the same place and (in most themes) is displayed in the navigation. Most people start with a masthead or an “About Us” page with an introduction for potential visitors to the site. For example, it could say there:

    Hi! By day I work as a bike messenger, by night I’m an aspiring actor and this here is my website. I live in Berlin, have a big dog named Jack, like piña coladas but less being left out in the rain (without an umbrella).

    …or something like:

    Our company XYZ was founded in 1971 and since then has produced a lot of high quality ABC for the public. Based in Gotham City, XYZ now has over 2,000 employees and continues to develop great things for the entire Gotham community.

    As a new WordPress user, you should Dashboard to delete this page and instead create a new page with your own content. Have fun!